Ovulation Induction - developing mature follicles

Ovulation Induction is the process that involves the use of fertility drugs to help stimulate the development of at least one or more mature follicles in women when ovaries do not develop and release a mature egg on their own every month. This treatment is generally successful if there are no other identified causes of infertility.

It is only used after all other fertility investigations have been carried out and irregular ovulation has been identified as the only problem.

Pregnancy rates are around 15-20% per month and depends on the drugs used and the duration of infertility according to the age of the women. The ovulation induction treatment can be offered for about 6-9 months.

Ovulation induction is indicated if you:

Have ovulation problem that has not responded to simpler medications (such as clomiphene citrate).

If one has unexplained infertility and wish to have ovulation induction in order to increase the number of eggs produced in each cycle. With the increase in the number of egg production, the more is the chance of increase conception.

Ovulation Monitoring – Tracking your cycle for success
The purpose for cycle observing is to decide whether there are any irregularities in your ovulation as well as enable you to time your intercourse. It comprises of blood work and transvaginal ultrasounds after couple of days or daily until ovulation.