Message From Dr. Surjeet Kaur

Nature has bestowed womankind with a precious gift of motherhood. Childbirth is necessary in order to carry forward generations. It gives one an immense pleasure to up bring a child which cannot be expressed in words. An empty womb becomes a reason of disappointment and causes great mental pain. Unfortunately every 10th couple who is willing to have a child is unable to do so. Due to this they not only lack happiness of becoming a parent, in fact they also suffer physically, socially and economically.

Increasing awareness and intuitiveness in the society is greatly increasing the desire to have a child with their own genes. More and more childless people are not considering infertility as a curse but are advancing for medical help. Scientifically, the birth of a baby is a very complex process and is not only limited to becoming pregnant. A woman has to go through 15 stages for becoming a mother starting from the process of getting an egg till the birth of a child. Problems may occur at any stage which can result in failure of the entire process.

Earlier only woman was considered infertile if the couple was unable to have children but now this assumption has been proven wrong. According to the new scientific studies and corresponding statistics, both men and women are equally responsible (30-40%) for childlessness. Therefore treatment of childless people should not be limited to treatment of women only. The remaining 10-15% of the couples are childless for unknown reasons. Those couples who are willing have a child but are unable to do so for an year due to any reason, need to consult experts and undergo medical treatment.

Infertility: Causes & Cure

Following techniques are used to treat infertility among childless couples:

1. IUI (Intra-uterine insemination): This technique is successfully implemented at our centre. 60-70% of the childless couples can be blessed with a baby using this technique. It is used for the treatment of Less sperm count in semen or absence of sperms in semen, defective mucus & cervical canal and unexpected infertility.

2. IVF (In-vitro fertilisation) & Embryo Transfer

3. ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection)

4. Laproscopy & Hysteroscopy : This helpful technique is used by experts to treat childless couples.

5. Micro-surgery : This technique helps in treatment of closed tubes in females

6. Sperm Absenteeism/Treatment of Low Sperm Count: Those males who are having low sperm count or without sperms are treated by experts with special techniques. PESA, MESA, TESA techniques are used to generate sperms in testes. If there is no sperm generation, then it is treated through techniques like IVF-ET & ICSI.


Our IVF centre is equipped with all facilities of global standards. More information on these techniques is provided by expert doctors present at our centre.